Frequently Asked Questions

What is a static site?

Static sites are built with flat HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Static sites are pre-rendered and thus faster and better for SEO. They are also more secure and easier to scale than traditional CMS backed websites. Modern static site generators allow for superior performance, design flexibility, and best of all: With Picnic you never have to touch any code at all.

Who is Picnic best for?

Picnic is best if you need a static site that's custom built for you, and maintained and updated 24/7. If you don't want to do anything technical but still want a world class website, Picnic is awesome. However, if you need dynamic functionality such as selling products online (e-commerce), displaying user generated content, or have areas of your site that users should be able to log in to, Picnic is not a great fit. Still need to make sure if Picnic is the right choice for your website? Chat with us or email us at

How much does Picnic cost?

Pricing plans start from $9.99/mo. You can see a detailed breakdown of our pricing here.

How does the Picnic process work?

You share with us as much or as little of website specifics as you have. We fill in the rest. When the design is completed you'll get a chance to approve or change anything you like before we build the final website. Typically you'll submit the content you want on your website (text + images). If you don't have copy for some sections, our Success Managers will be happy to fill it for you. If you have a specific template or layout that you'd prefer, you can share that with us (hand drawn wireframes are fine too!). And if you don't, no problem. We've designed hundreds of websites, and all our designs are built according to internal guidelines on conversion optimization specific to your industry. Have a certain website or even just a color scheme you love? You'll get a chance to submit 'Design Inspiration' when you sign up which will guide your design direction. Still have questions? Chat with us or email us at

Do I really need no technical knowledge?

Zero. Zilch. Nada. You never have to deal with any code, figuring out hosting, website security, or even any editing tools. Our Success Managers will even set you up a custom email account on your domain if you ask!

How can I update my website once it's live?

Updating any text, images, or other content on your website is free and always will be! Just ask your Success Manager, or let us know via chat or email at (Some design changes might incur small, one-time fees).

How frequently can I make edits?

Most plans include free monthly edits. Pro plans allow you to make unlimited changes anytime you want. You can compare the plans here.

Do you offer premium design levels?

Yes we do! We offer 3 design tiers, details of which are below. You can choose the one that best fits your needs when signing up. Basic - $0 - Simple design. When you just need to get started. 1x iteration Intermediate - $149 - Elegant and aesthetic appeal for when you need something professional. 2x iterations Pro - $299 - Beautiful websites for when you need something to present to clients. Recommended for business. 3x iterations

Can I can cancel my plan anytime?

Absolutely. Just ask your dedicated Success Manager or email us at Please let us know 10 business days before your subscription next renews. You may keep using your website till the end of the current subscription period.

Do you support blogs?

Blogs are currently in private beta. Ask your Success Manager if your website can be included.

Can you embed a third party service?

Depends on the service, but usually if it means adding a simple bit of JavaScript then yes. Your Success Manager would be happy to help. (Some third party services might incur a small one-time integration fee).

Are there any hosting limits?

All pans come with our premium hosting included and unlike some website builders we do not throttle bandwidths for any 'cheaper' plans.

Are Picnic websites mobile responsive?

Yes! All plans include mobile optimized design. Screens come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes today and Picnic ensures your website looks beautiful on all of them. 63% of all web traffic today comes from mobile and your Picnic site is built specifically to capture that.

What website analytics does Picnic provide?

All plans come integrated with Google Analytics. See how many visits your website gets, how long users stay, where they come from, what pages they go to etc. All free, and included with every website.

What is a custom domain?

A domain or url is the part of your site, and we provide you one for free (long as it's available and not a 'premium' domain). This makes your site look more professional, and also allows you to set up email on your own domain.

Is a custom domain really free?

Yes! As a perk for all Picnic members we provide you with a free custom domain (long as it's available and not a 'premium' domain). Already have a domain? No worries, our success team will work with you to transfer and set it up on your Picnic account.

What is the best way to contact Picnic or get help/support?

Email us at or just chat with us below. We love to hear from all our users, even if it's just to chat :)

Where is Picnic located?

We're headquartered in San Francisco and Los Angeles California, but we have a remote team of engineers, designers, and success managers that live, work, and support you from around the world. You can learn more about us here.

Have a question we didn't answer? Chat with us or email us at