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As someone who's not technical, I've spent too many hours of my life fighting with drag and drop website builders like Squarespace or Wix, trying to coax them into exactly what I want and then having to settle. Picnic was a revelation I wish I knew about earlier. I literally made a sketch on my notepad and they made it into a beautiful website design in 3 days.Can't recommend them enough.


Honestly, the customer service just makes it for me. Great responsiveness, very helpful, and above all COMPETENT (nothing bothers me more than when support people don't know their own product). If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Seriously they're that good.


Just took the first step in making my life coach business more formal and already had a client remark on how legit my website looked. Really impressed with Picnic so far. Thank you!


Every web agency in Nashville was quoting me 10x their price. Thank God for Picnic. Alan from support was also very helpful with SEO optimization.


Best way to create a business website and so much easier than getting a freelancer on upwork. I run a beef jerky company and no template or theme on any website maker came close to the look and feel of our product. Till I learned about Picnic from a friend Now just waiting for them to add e-commerce so I can sell online too.


Been looking for a service like this for soo many years! Worth every penny, amazing support too.


I've had a love/hate relationship with Wordpress longer than I can remember. Picnic feels like someone just took all the love parts and made it better. Actually, what could be easier than just having someone make your website for you. And so affordable! I'd been paying more for just my WP hosting


Was one of their earliest users. Thought it was a great product then and still think so now. 'Personal' plan has worked well for me.


I had signed up to their 'Remind me later' option and and I got their email right as my MBA entrepreneurship group was finishing our project. I was really impressed by how fast Picnic's turnaround was and how cheap a simple website was. Looked very professional compared to everyone elses presentation.


You guys are awesome. I'm a fan.